The most representative kinds of the Melian cuisine are the “pitarakia” (small pies) - filled with peppered dry cheese or cream-cheese with mint,- the sweet-smelling “karpouzopita”- a traditional sweet pie made of water-melon and of course the “glyko koufeto” made of a sweet pumpkin’s kernel with honey and almonds.

The pastry ‘’Glyko koufeto” is served at weddings and engagements by the bride’s mother. The honey symbolizes the sweet life the couple is to live, whereas the  almonds stand for the fruits of fertility.

In the numerous restaurants, taverns, grill-houses and eating-houses of the island, you have plenty of choices: You can taste fresh fish and dishes from the international cuisine. We strongly suggest you try the delicious “astakomakaronada”- lobster spaghetti, grilled octopus or octopus cooked in wine, fresh fish, “ladenia” (tasty pie with oil, tomatoes and onions), as well as dishes made of local meat kinds, such as braized rooster or rooster cooked in wine , lamp baked in the oven with sauce and many other dishes.

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