Sulphur Mines

Sulphur Mines Sulphur Mines

In the east side of Milos lies Paliorema, a bay with crystal clear waters and yellowish pebbles, colored by the sulphur. There the sulphur mine of Victor Melas used to be in operation, the oldest business for the mining of sulphur all over Greece .

In Paliorema or Theioryheia you can combine your swim with a visit to one of the geologic sites of the island’s mining history. You can rest on the beach with the colorful pebbles and the fine sand and you can enjoy your swim viewing the old quarries for the mining of sulphur and the ruins of offices, spare parts and personal items of the quarries’ workers  which compose an attractive landscape.

Historically, between 1890-1905, the mines were in function, owned by the Company of Public and Municipal Works. In 1905 their function stopped due to the production of cheap sulphur in the U.S.A. In 1910-1918 they were functioning sporadically, whereas in the 1930s there were in full operation and the installations - seen even today- were made. The sulphur mines, the Theioryheia, were in operation until 1960, whereas the business was put to a permanent stop in 1978.